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Leave the Door Open Sax Cover


2021 Limited Edition Physical Copy's of Sax & Chill are now Available!!!!!

Very excited to announce after celebrating the one year anniversary of the EP "Sax & Chill", physical CD's are now available for a limited time only! This project originally released in February of 2020, combines Hip Hop, Trap, Smooth Jazz, and R&B together all in one place! This EP features Brandon Steel and Hulee Santana and producers E.D. IV and Don Javi. The EP is also available on all digital platforms as well! 

Zack Fletcher & Mike Williams on Sax


More information coming soon!!

Mike Williams enjoys breaking any musical rules. Life is about living free and enjoying not only the moment, but also the moments to come. 

"It is my job and duty to change the world one note at a time"-MWOS

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