Inspirational Saxophonist & Songwriter

Monroe Street Neighborhood Center Annual Jazz Brunch

BGSU Halftime Show (2/5/22)

"The Truth" Video out Now

"Last Night", is a contemporary R&B song, that reflects on the romantic endeavors and memories of the previous night. The stage is set for two lovers; who just can't quite seem to get enough of each other's presence. It places the audience completely in the driver's seat; as it allows them to interpret what Last Night actually means to them. It also poses the question of; if "Last Night" really even occurred; or was is it just a fantasy on the Journey & Quest of True Love? This song is the second installment of the Wine Night Collection.

"Wine Night" Debut Full-Length Album set to be released 2022. The "Truth" is the first of five singles to be released prior to the album's release. This album's journey to completion started in 2017, with the releasing Mike's debut Single "Wine Night" in 2018, originally released under the name Mike L. Williams. The project was mixed and mastered at FireFly Studios in Toledo, Ohio. 


5/27 -  Friday 6:30-8:30PM The Bistro

5/28-  Saturday 11AM-1PM Live on the Patio at Local Roots Juice Co.

6/1 - Wednesday 4:30-5:30PM BG Farmers' Market

6/2 - Thursday 6-8 PM Live on the Patio at The Bistro

6/3 - Friday 7-10PM Findlay Country Club *Members only*

Mike Williams enjoys breaking any musical rules. Life is about living free and enjoying not only the moment, but also the moments to come. 

"It is my job and duty to change the world one note at a time"-MWOS

Zack Fletcher & Mike Williams on Sax

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