Mike Williams is an experimental Smooth Jazz saxophonist, who loves cross generational music; and the fusion of various musical genres and styles. If there are any musical rules and boundaries, Mike enjoys to challenge and break those. With a collective background in classical, gospel,pop,jazz,smooth jazz, fusion, funk, alternative rock, indie rock, and R&B; it is safe to say that his musical resume is diverse. Each genre gives him a new appreciation for music and the culture that is attached to each. Although Mike has had various musical careers through vocals, piano, drums, dance, and Disk Jockey, he really loves the saxophone and has established it as his primary instrument. Mike also is a member of the Indie Rock Band, Moths in the Attic.  Some of his musical career highlights include singing at the Crystal Cathedral in California, singing with the Honolulu Boychoir in Hawaii, and opening for Drake in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His ability to play a wide range of instruments, has allowed him to navigate through music, mimicking the sounds of each of the instruments he has played. This gives him a unique sound, and ability to produce melodies, counter melodies, and harmonies, that are soothing and satisfactory to the ear. Many describe his sound as Angelic and peaceful, almost as if from the gates of heaven.