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Funeral Service

Funeral and Home-going Services are always extremely tough and emotional for Friends & Family. It's important to celebrate the life and legacy of those who have gone on; and passed away. This package offers Gospel, Inspirational, and Motivational Songs; to help soothe and allow a sense of peace and tranquility. Covers Family Hour and an A and B Selection as well if needed. 


 Private House Call

Private House Calls are always an extremely special and momentous occasion. Small home gatherings are very unique; and allow for guests to have an extremely intimate experience. This package includes perfomance opportunities for a small intimate crowd between 2-10 people. Delivering Smooth Jazz, R&B, Oldies, and Pop right to your doorstep. Homes only; not venues or commericial spaces. 


Additional Travel Fees May be added

Cocktail Hour

Elevate your Wedding Experience; with a customized cocktail hour with live saxophone. Captivate your guests' experience with music that entertains everyone present, and allows for a smooth transition. between the Wedding Ceremony & Reception. This package  keeps guests engaged while the bridal party takes pictures.


Private Events (1-3hrs)

Whether it's a Birthday Party, Retirement Party, or any celebration in-between; this Saxophone Experience is sure to make for a memorable occasion. Your guest will be amazed by the versatility and variety of music; as it will explore Smooth Jazz, Oldies, R&B, and Pop. This music package is sure to have your guests talking for ages to come


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